About the Process

Pre Production:

Machine hemmed with silk thread


The process involves: 

            Pinning the Silk on a purpose built stretching Rack.

          Drawing the design areas with gutta ( gum substance that creates a resist to the dye entering that area)

            Painting with brushes the images and the background area with            the silk dyes

            A resting period of a minimum of 12 hours  

            Heat fixing to set the colours of the scarf

            Rinsing out excess colour and washing in luke warm water with a           mild soap.

            Ironing while damp

Because the Scarves are  not a mass produced product and are all painted by hand using free-style painting directly onto silk, there will be minor variations in either design or colour shades which makes each one a unique piece of wearable art.        


Habotai Silk  8 Momme (mm)  (Weight) 



 Silk is hypoallergenic. For that reason it can be worn by allergy sufferers. It is a natural fibre and is an efficient insulator thus keeps one cool in summer and provides non bulky thermal warmth in winter.

 Care of Scarf:

Hand wash in luke warm water, towel dry and iron damp to give the best lustre to the fabric. A reasonably hot iron can be used and it is best ironed on the reverse side especially when gold and silver gutta has been used.

Known Issues: 

There will be some variation in the final outcome as each one is painted individually.The silk weave may have some variations in the processing of the fabric which is beyond our control.Any fly away threads are not fraying, just threads the machinist has not pulled off, a gentle tug will remove them without any damage to the fabric.