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Red Poppies - Hand painted Silk Scarf

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The poppy scarf is of vibrant red poppies on a blue and black background. This scarf would make an ideal gift for Mothers and relatives overseas. The scarf is light to post and pack and would give a lift to all outfits. The artwork is an original design that I drew initially and then transferred the idea to the white silk for painting.

Material: quality Habotai Silk

Measurement: 150CM X 28CM
Includes a Complimentary Gift card

" Satherley Silks " are Hand Painted Pure Silk Scarves.
Great gifts to post or pack when going overseas as they are so light, or are a bit of luxury to have for yourself.

All the designs are original art works and each one is hand painted by Kay Satherley. As they are individually painted there is always slight variations in the finished piece.

All Hand Painted scarves are shipped FREE Worldwide.

All Handpainted scarves are bespoke, and painted to order, so allow 3 working days from the time of ordering and payment, to despatch. You will receive a confirmation email to confirm shipment.

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Please allow up to 4 working days for the printing process from ordering to despatch. You will receive a confirmation email to confirm shipment.